Ingredients – Pivot Coldbrew

café con awesome

Pivot Coldbrew is a cold fusion of uncompromising flavor and future-facing function, in conveniently bottled, ready-to-enjoy form. With the help of an expert ethnobotanists, we carefully formulated our stack of adaptogenic and nootropic herbs and nutrients, each chosen for its highest quality, purity and optimal effectiveness. Then we blended that stack to work in perfect concert with the caffeine in coffee, delivering all its mental and physical benefits, over a more sustained time, while cutting the jitters and cushioning the crash landing. It’s 1 + 1 = something a million times more amazing.


high-octane for your brain

If you’re not riding the nootropic brain train yet, Pivot Coldbrew is a great way to get onboard.

The nootropics in Pivot Coldbrew are nutrients that can promote brain functions such as memory, concentration, focus and cognitive abilities. They compliment the caffeine found naturally in coffee, while smoothing out that edgy nervous energy, and cushioning the dreaded caffeine crash.

They’re the secret ingredient to increased awesomeness. And we could all use a big sip of that.


a healthy dose of chill

Traditionally, adaptogenic herbs that have been used to help bodies adapt to stress (get it?).

The demanding hours, insufficient sleep, lack of exercise, and improper nutrition of modern life all combine to trigger the same physiological stress responses that helped primitive humans deal with things like saber-tooth tiger attacks. Except now there’s no tiger, and that’s no good.

Adaptogens may provide the key helping the body deal with the effects of all that stress, and promote wellness, too.

aimless energy vs. focused energy

sustained energy vs. caffeine crash

what’s inside?

a cold brew with cooler ingredients

We worked with scientists and ethnobotanist to develop our own custom energy stack containing galanga, reishi, l-theanine, Cognizin® Citicoline, and l-ergothioneine. We carefully selected and sourced each ingredient for highest quality and purity, and optimal effectiveness.

what makes good energy?

Pivot Coldbrew contains a custom nootropic and adaptogenic energy stack with ingredients carefully selected for the highest quality, purity and effectiveness. Working in combination, our stack promotes the positive, energy-enhancing effects of caffeine, while smoothing out the edge, for a more sustained yet calm, energy, with little cognitive and immunity support for good measure. It’s good energy for the better buzz.