cold brew premium arabica

The OG Bean.

We start with premium arabica coffee – the bean that invented coffee. Our arabica beans are sourced from Central and South America, carefully selected for their outstanding flavor, body and aroma, and blended for ideal balance.

But the real magic starts with our roast. While the beans used in other cold brews tend to be overroasted, we took our time to develop an exclusive, more gentle, batch-roasting process that retains the complexity of the blend.

After that, our proprietary cold brewing approach extracts the smooth elixir of the bean for a premium taste you can enjoy any time of day.


We worked with scientists and ethnobotanist to develop our own custom energy stack containing galanga, reishi, l-theanine, Cognizin® citicoline, and l-ergothioneine. We carefully selected and sourced each ingredient for highest quality and purity, and optimal effectiveness.

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“It makes me more energetic
and happier.”

Olivia V

“I felt more of a calm energy than a jittery one. It felt more balanced.”

Ryan J

“I felt energized and relaxed while drinking it. I was comfortable and it helped push me through the rest of the day. I really liked that it was easy on my stomach too”

Tylar H