Organic Reishi

The Immunity Shroom

In traditional Chinese medicine, reishi is known as “the mushroom of immortality.” Will it really give you everlasting life? Nah. But when it comes to stress-reducing adaptogenic benefits, this magic mushroom delivers the goods, strengthening, protecting and nourishing different systems of the body. The reishi extract we use is optimized for beta-glucans – important mushroom nutrients for promoting immunity. So raise a bottle of Pivot Coldbrew to your good health.


We worked with scientists and ethnobotanist to develop our own custom energy stack containing galanga, reishi, l-theanine, Cognizin® citicoline, and l-ergothioneine. We carefully selected and sourced each ingredient for highest quality and purity, and optimal effectiveness.

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“It makes me more energetic
and happier.”

Olivia V